Our Approach


To provide the best language learning experience within the best environment in Riyadh.


To enable women to realize their dreams by creating a strong performance-driven learning environment where achievement and knowledge/skill acquisition is the priority, while maintaining a friendly atmosphere where each and every person feels valued and respected.

Our Story

As our vision expresses at EEC we really care about our students. In fact we like to think we are the little language centre with a big heart.

We provide a warm, caring and supportive environment for all our students. Here at EEC, we understand that you learn better in small groups where you can get individual attention and really spend time focusing on yourself and your language aims.

In EEC you will be in the right setting so that you and your language skills can flourish. That is why our building was especially decorated to stimulate learning, from the beautiful informative posters on the walls to the bright and inviting classrooms. It is not just us who are proud of our centre, we are happy to announce that this year the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education awarded us a certificate of Excellent.

EEC is more than just another language Centre in Riyadh

If you love reading for pleasure, we offer a range of English and Arabic books for you to buy to help your learning and even books that you can read to your children, so while learning English you can also spend quality time helping your child. Or you can take your new book to our stylish rooftop cafe where you can read or meet up and relax with friends.

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