Due to the size of our centre all our staff, provide a friendly welcoming atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else in Riyadh and because we are a small team you get to know each member and they get to know you and your unique needs.

Excellent Teaching Quality Guaranteed

At EEC, we understand that everyone learns language differently and at a different pace. Our teachers adapt their English lessons to individual student’s needs. We focus on developing our students’ communicative proficiency in order to prepare them to easily handle real-life situations.

We only employ experienced 100% TEFL-certified English teachers, because our students deserve the best.

Our teachers guide and support students throughout their studies, providing interesting English lessons and offering helpful feedback.
Our teachers care about each student’s progress. We make English classes as interactive as possible to engage students in the skills they are practicing and to ensure every student reaches their full potential.
Every English lesson is aimed at providing opportunities for learners to use the target structure. Teachers employ communicative teaching techniques which best suit the age, level, and ability of each class.
All methods used have been proven to help students acquire the English language, and all are done communicatively. With younger learners there is an emphasis on meaning through context; similar to first language acquisition (their mother tongue.)

These methods encompass the four language skills; with speaking, listening, reading and writing as the key to forming the communicative building blocks of the English language.
Other key benefits are accurate and natural pronunciation and intonation, appropriacy in the use of vocabulary, grammar, and functional language. Combining this approach with native-English teachers yields incredible results!

As well as our expert teaching staff, our customer service staff are always on hand to help you, whatever your problem.

Our Classes

At EEC the class sizes are relatively small; the average size is between 6-8 students. We never have more than 12 students in the class, because we believe you deserve individual and personal attention that you can only get in small classes. Moreover, by having fewer learners in a class maximizes the time you get to practice speaking, and your teacher can truly help cover your needs and personalize the lessons. This in turn helps you learn English better and faster. Contact us to find out about the courses that fit your goals and lifestyle.

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