Have a look at what our students think about the centre:

The Center is very very impressive. The Teachers are modest and respectful. She doesn’t let me leave until I understand everything.
Lila Alotaibi, June/July 2018

The Center is very sweet , I benefited a lot, I advise everyone to study here.
Hadeel Alotaibi, June / July 2018

The EEC Center is very nice and modern . I wanted to spend all my holiday studying here..
Nourah Alorainy,  June / July 2018

Beautiful and fun centre . The teachers are nice and patience when answering our questions and explaining everything. They also help you speak confidently.
Nouf Al-Samer July /Aug 2018

I like the center’s organization . The center is very clean and very quiet .
Shahad July / Aug 2018

I like teacher Yvonne very much . I like the coffee shop and the decoration .
Hajer, July / Aug 2018

I like my teacher, the reception ,and the class .. I like go to the institute in the morning..
Fatima, July / Aug 2018

I learned English at EEC . It is nice and beautiful . I really like this place .
Mshael, July / Aug 2018

I like the organization of is place. The reception stuff are very nice I love them. I love the cleanliness of the café too.
Khozama Alghali., July / Aug 2018

I study English at EEC . It is a nice Center. I like the teacher because she is very friendly. The reception stuff are helpful too.
Amal Al-hussin,  July / Aug 2018

Hi EEC, thank you very much. All the teachers are great. I am proud that I studied with you and learnt a lot.
Maha AL- Qahtani. General English course, September – January, 2017

EEC has the best teachers in the world. So I love this centre very much. I like how they speak and also how they teach. And I like our small class.
Nouf Al-Shagdaly, General English course, November – January, 2017

Because of my English course at EEC I have really develop my language and I have become stronger. All the people here are great.
Thanks EEC for the great time I spent with you. I wish you more success.
Sarah Al- Qahtani. General English course, September – January, 2017

I like EEC because the teachers are wonderful and all employees are very nice. I love it and thank you so much for everything. I learnt so much.
Asma Al-Mashhor. General English course, November – January, 2017.

At EEC, My teacher taught me good English, so now I can understand and talk a lot more English.
Farah Salim. General English course, November – January, 2017

First of all I would like to congratulate you for this center. It is the best center I had ever tried. The decoration is magnificence I feel that I am not in Saudi Arabia. Teacher Cat is very kind and she understands and appreciates a lot. She is very calm and friendly. Thank you very much and I hope the best for all the staff.
Sarah Aldarwish. General English course 2017

Although it was my first time in a center like that and it was interesting and great. The teacher is patient and she marks the mistakes with all love. In class we read, write, and for sure speak in English. That made a great advantage from it in such a short time. Time runs fast because lessons are variable and not boring. From the moment you enter the center you feel relaxed and attract the attention. Everyone is smiling and wonderful. Thanks to everyone.
Hanady Almohana. General English 2017

Dear employees in EEC, I haven’t ended my E3 course yet, but I want to thank everyone here. I have enjoyed my English course because my language is improving and developing. Everything was wonderful. In this experience, the girls in reception, the center’s design with lovely colors and murals. My teacher always encouraged us to pronounce new words with English accents and explain tiny things. I hope to complete my courses to reach IELTS. Thank you
Eman Aldayel. General English course 2017

The center is beautiful and the teachers loves what they’re doing, that’s actually gave me energy and encouraged me to learn English more. I’m going to take all the levels here because it’s useful and fun.
Nora Al- Dawadr General English Course January 2018

My experience to this course was beneficial. My problems were writing and grammar. Gladly they are solved. So, I hopefully will have no more problems in English. I just want to improve my vocabulary and writing.
Thank you EEC.
Maha Al-Otaibi General English Course January 2018

It was such a great experience and I have learned a lot. Thanks for the staff effective effort. The teacher was devoted, and she did her best to teach us.
Namah Al-Dowsari General English Course January 2018


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