English for Kids

Younger Learners 8+

Every parent wants their child to succeed and here at EEC we feel the same that is why we provide the perfect setting for your children to learn and develop their English Language skills within small class sizes with experienced English teachers. We have an average of 8 students per class, with a maximum of 12, to ensure that your child gets the personal attention they deserve. Our students are grouped according to age and level. We use the Young Learners’ Oxford Online Placement test and our own specially designed speaking test to make sure your child is placed in the corrected level. During their course your child focuses on speaking and listening, the varied group lessons cover all skills, including reading and writing. At EEC we believe children learn faster and better when lessons are interactive and fun, and are relative to their lives and interests. We help our students set goals and achieve them by:

  • Learning through project-based lessons. Our students complete a different project every week while developing teamwork, problem-solving and presentation skills.
  • Stimulating and fun curriculum designed especially for younger learners and teenagers.
  • Pronunciation training from native speakers.
  • Total language immersion in: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

By interacting with children in a warm, friendly and natural setting where they can play and interact, we allow them to learn without feeling they are being taught. By giving your children the gift of English, you open up to a world of new potential and all the while they have a fantastic and memorable experience with us.

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